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  • 1、Product model q41f-16 / 25tiNominal pressure
  • 2、Nominal diameter dn15-dn250 1 / 2
  • 3、Driving mode handle, worm gear, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric
  • 4、Design standard GB / t12237, API6D, asmeb16.34
  • 5、Structure length GB / t12221, API6D, asmeb16.10
  • 6、Connecting flange Hg, GB, JB, API, ANSI, ISO, BS, DIN, NF, JIS
  • 7、Test standard JB / t9092, GB / t13927, api6

Q41f-16 / 25ti titanium ball valve product introduction:

The q41f16 / 25ti manual flanged titanium ball valve produced and sold by Woci valve (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. uses titanium materials to have good stability and self passivation ability of oxidation film in strong corrosive environment, which can resist strong corrosion under various harsh working conditions. The chemical stability of the passive oxide film on its surface in corrosive medium. For neutral, oxidizing and weakly reducing media, the passive oxide film itself has good stability. For reducing corrosion medium with high temperature or low pH value, in order to improve the stability of its passive oxide film, corrosion inhibitors (such as air, water, heavy metal ions and anions) can be added, such as titanium surface ion modification treatment and anodization treatment, so as to improve the corrosion resistance and surface hardness of titanium in the reducing medium to meet the application requirements. It is widely used in chlor alkali industry, soda ash industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical fertilizer industry, fine chemical industry, textile fiber synthesis and bleaching and dyeing industry, basic organic acid and inorganic salt production, nitric acid industry, etc.

Q41f-16 / 25ti titanium ball valve product features

The ball of titanium ball valve is floating. Under the action of medium pressure, the ball can produce a certain displacement and press tightly on the sealing surface of the outlet end to ensure the sealing of the outlet end.

1. Floating titanium ball valve has small flow resistance. The ball valve has the smallest fluid resistance among all valves. Even for reduced diameter ball valve, its fluid resistance is quite small.

2. The switch is quick and convenient. As long as the valve body rotates 90 °, the ball valve will complete the full opening or full closing action, which is easy to realize rapid opening and closing.

3. Good sealing performance. Titanium ball valve seat (sealing ring) is generally made of PTFE, PTFE and other elastic materials, which is easy to ensure sealing, and the sealing force of titanium ball valve increases with the increase of medium pressure.

4. Floating titanium ball valve can realize automatic control and remote control, and can be equipped with electric device, pneumatic device and hydraulic device.

5. The channel of floating titanium ball valve is flat and smooth, and it is not easy to deposit media, so it can be pigged.

Q41f-16 / 25ti titanium ball valve product performance parameters:

working pressure(MPa)1.6~2.5
Applicable temperature(℃)≤180
Applicable mediaOrganic acid, inorganic salt production, nitric acidHighly corrosive medium
材料Valve body and bonnetTA2 titaniumTA2titanium
valve body, valve rodTA2titaniumTA2titanium
seal ring

Flexible graphite gasket


Q41f-16 / 25ti titanium ball valve product overall structure dimension:

Nominal diameterDN1520253240506580100125150200