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PQ340F Side Mounted Eccentric Half Ball

  • 1、Product model PQ340F
  • 2、Nominal diameter DN40~1600mm
  • 3、Nominal pressure PN0.6~4.0MPa
  • 4、Applicable temperature -29℃ ~ +540℃
  • 5、Drive mode manual, electric, pneumatic
  • 6、Body material QT450, WCB, ZG20CrMo, ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti
  • 7、Design and manufacturing standard GB/T 12237-2007
  • 8、Structure length standard GB/T 12221-2005
  • 9、Connection flange standard GB/T 9113
  • 10、Pressure and temperature grade GB/T 12224-2005
  • 11、Test inspection standard GB/T 13927-2008

PQ340F Side Mounted Eccentric Half Ball Valve Product details

PQ340F Side Mounted Eccentric Half Ball Valve produced and sold by Woci valve (Shanghai) Co., Ltd for eccentric structure - principle through the drive mechanism to lock tight tight, adjusting, closing, the purpose of sealing pair is surface contact seal ring hardfacing metal, double eccentric structure in the open when the valve core is located in the ball room, large flow area, and the valve is not washed, closing valve core is not washed, open along the seat into the spherical valve core steps and effectively remove scale obstacles, to achieve reliable seal.It is especially effective for the mixed flow transport of two-phase mixed flow and easy to scale solid precipitation.Second hemisphere valve with double metal, of different surfacing on the parent metal alloy, the seat also correspondingly surfacing through special processing, sealing surface combination into various types such as corrosion, wear resistance, high strength, meet the demand of different occasions, the characteristics of the third seal is strictly prohibited, conveying harmful gases can reach zero leakage, the fourth characteristic is seal of valve core with compensation amount, when the seat wear (seat) hardness is lower than the valve core, close to turning a little, can still be reliable seal, prolong service life, in addition, the user will gland nut off, adjust or replace the seat is still available after, to avoid the current many disadvantages of the scrap valve seal failure.

Therefore, surfacing welding alloy (or composite ball) bimetal sealing pair can be used for wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, temperature-resistant and also require strict sealing of different industrial sectors.

PQ340F Side Mounted Eccentric Half Ball Valve Main uses and product features

1, common valve: Specifications Model PN1.0-4.0Mpa, DN40-1600. Suitable for sewage treatment, pulp, urban heating and other demanding applications.  

2, special valve for oil chemical industry: Specifications DN40-1600, PN1.0-4.0Mpa for crude oil, heavy oil and other oil products, weak corrosive chemical industry, two-phase mixed flow media. Temperature up to 425 ℃.  

3, gas-specific valves: Specifications DN40-1600, PN1.0-4.0Mpa for gas, natural gas, liquefied gas transport control. Product structure is characterized by welding of different seals of chromium-containing stainless steel, tight seal, anti-corrosion.  

4, Slurry valve: DN40-1600, suitable for liquid, solid phase two-phase mixed flow or liquid transport chemical reaction crystallization or scaling of industrial pipelines. Product Structure Features According to customer demand medium, the temperature requirements are different, the seal of the valve core deposited with chromium molybdenum vanadium alloy surfacing, the valve seat with chromium-molybdenum alloy, chrome alloy, stainless steel alloy electrode surfacing to meet the needs of different slurry delivery.  

5, special coal ash slag valve: Specifications DN40-1600, suitable for power plants, hydraulic slag or gas pipeline control. Product requirements wear resistance, the spool with a combination of ball bimetal, has a very high stiffness and very wear-resistant, seat with the overall wear on the 1st or the entire surfacing, and has the advantages of hard-sealed ball valve.

PQ340F Side Mounted Eccentric Half Ball Valve Product features
1, circulation area, flow resistance is small. This is because the spool is located in the possession room after opening, fluid through.

2, the operating torque is small, turn 90 degrees to open and close to complete, light operation.

3, tight seal, double eccentric metal seal. Fouling does not affect the opening and closing, which is the most significant advantage of the hemisphere valve

4, long life, seal wear, and a compensation amount, the valve seat can be adjusted or replaced.

PQ340F Side Mounted Eccentric Half Ball Valve parts materials and conditions

BodyQT450, WCB, ZG20CrMo, ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti
Valve shaft2Cr13, 1Cr13
DiscAlloys nitrided steel, nitriding stainless steel, wear-resistant steel
SeatAlloys nitrided steel, nitriding stainless steel, wear-resistant steel
BearingAluminum bronze, FZ-1 composite
fillerTeflon, flexible graphite

PQ340F Side Mounted Eccentric Half Ball Valve main performance parameters

Nominal pressure (Mpa)
Nominal diameter (mm)40-160040-160040-120040-60040-600
Seal test pressure (Mpa)0.661.11.762.754.4
Shell test pressure (Mpa)
Applicable temperature (℃)-29 ~ 300, -29 ~ 425, -29 ~ 540
Suitable mediaWater, seawater, sewage, acid and other liquids, slurry, steam, gas, oil
Drive modeManual, electric, pneumatic
Connection TypeFlange connection, the folder connection
Installation methodVertical installation, horizontal installation

PQ340F Side Mounted Eccentric Half Ball Valve shape and connection dimensions

Nominal diameterLDD1D2N-φbf