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What new opportunities will the resurgence of "wolf smoke" in the market bring to pump pipe valve enterprises?

Industry news 2022/3/20 15:15:42    admin    Hits 1164

    Affected by the epidemic, 2020 is a challenging year for the environmental governance industry, but this year also has more special significance in the field of environmental protection equipment manufacturing, including pump pipe valves.

    On the one hand, according to the industrial objectives formulated in the top-level design, the manufacturing of environmental protection equipment will usher in a new atmosphere by 2020, and the innovation driving system will be basically formed; On the other hand, the players in the field of pump pipe valve have also undergone profound changes this year, and the market is fiercer than ever before. As the person in charge of relevant enterprises said, "after the epidemic, what changes have taken place in the pump pipe valve industry and how are the enterprises? It can be seen from the registration heat of exhibitors revealed by the current environmental Expo and the world environmental Expo."

    From a broader perspective, both "local players" and cross-border giants vaguely point to a future war, a competition on pump and pipe valves, environmental protection intelligent manufacturing, cost reduction and efficiency increase, and a competition and game on the right to speak in the market.

    Where is the survival line when differentiation intensifies

    "Environmental protection enterprises performed better than expected in the first half of the year, but we also saw that they still faced a severe situation in the second half of the year." even if they achieved higher than expected results, it does not mean that pump pipe valve enterprises can take a breath.

    Under the superimposed influence of the concentrated release of production capacity in the environmental protection market and the continuous extension of the project boundary, the pattern of pump pipe valve segment market and enterprises is changing. After years of industry surge, what impressed the industry is that the head team of pump pipe valve industry has gradually formed, and the swarming small and medium-sized enterprises have also entered the stage of "industry reshuffle".

    The smoke of gunpowder in the local pump pipe valve market has not dispersed, and the competition in the second half has already begun. The existing stock sector needs more specialized and refined pump pipe valve system services, and the survival line of the industry will be improved accordingly. Through the "wild era" of the pump pipe valve market, it seems that the pattern has been determined, but in fact it is still surging. Leading enterprises are also accelerating market penetration, shifting the focus of layout to third and fourth tier and township projects, and harvesting future emerging markets based on radiation breadth and network layout. More small and medium-sized pump and pipe valve enterprises are changing from OEM manufacturers to original design manufacturers and brands.

    This is only a microcosm of the changes in the pump pipe valve equipment industry.

    Grab incremental space

    Another more and more obvious trend is that pump pipe valve enterprises are becoming more and more interested in comprehensive and large market cakes. Compared with the previous form of equipment manufacturing, today's pump pipe valve project can not be completed with a single delivery of equipment. Under the background of project integration, the advantages of single project for pump pipe and valve equipment enterprises are no longer prominent, including plant network integration and comprehensive environmental protection bundling and packaging project has become a trend.

    "The epidemic has given birth to more online opportunities and changed the order structure. The customized service with short cycle and small batch has become a new trend for pump and pipe valves." the industry believes that Internet marketing not only breaks the "flower board" of many pump and pipe valve manufacturers with poor marketing channels and difficult transformation and upgrading, but also gives birth to enterprises relying on technological innovation and independent brands, The demand and power to comprehensively improve the product chain and management capability.

    Benefiting from this, the market scale and imagination of pump pipe valve may be more than the former. Or because of this, a new round of predators began to enter the game. As the person in charge of the relevant pump and valve enterprises who will appear at the world environmental protection conference said, "each enterprise is still looking for incremental space and divides the 'gold digging points' according to the resources at hand." different from the past, this time, the bet is who can live in the escalating knockout competition!

    Starting from "new" in the second half

    The imagination space of traditional pump pipe valve equipment manufacturing has gradually approached the ceiling, and the imagination of intelligent manufacturing of environmental protection equipment based on this has just begun. With the end of the pump pipe valve qualification competition, the next round opportunity window for all contestants in the field of improving the benefits of pump pipe valves has been opened.

    From the perspective of the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, pump pipe valve equipment is entering a new round of transformation period of renewal and iteration, and more differentiated, systematic and lean needs are gradually incorporated into the supply and demand side, which is not only a challenge to pump pipe valve enterprises, but also a great opportunity for the industry. Originality, cost reduction, efficiency enhancement and comprehensive service, the opportunities and unlimited possibilities behind the pump pipe valve are being stimulated step by step.

    Although the essence of taking cost reduction and efficiency increase as the core has become the standard configuration of pump pipe valve equipment and overall solutions, and even is regarded as a sharp tool to seize the market opportunity, reviewing the development process of pump pipe valve industry is far less valued than at present. Back to the beginning of the birth of the pump and pipe valve market, there was not much technical gap between enterprises at that time. Pump and pipe valve manufacturing has always been a low threshold industry. Many enterprises that enter the pump pipe valve do not survive by relying on the competitiveness of technical hard core, market positioning and business model innovation.

    "Any transformation is a rebirth, and the pump, pipe and valve equipment industry chain is no exception." respondents generally believe that in the face of the rapidly changing market environment, the only way to remain unchanged is to consolidate the "new content". Only the independent brand moving forward against the wind, a clear development route and differentiated layout can build a strong main body for the high-quality development of the pump pipe valve industry.

    Pump pipe valve, the hot land of Xinzhi manufacturing, is gradually taking shape.

    Woci valve (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. - brand valve manufacturer, professional valve manufacturer!

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