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Main standards for stop valves

Support 2022/3/20 15:19:29    admin    Hits 834

    Main standards for stop valves

    ① Gb12233-89 general purpose valves and iron globe valves

    ② Gb12235-89 general purpose valves flanged steel globe valves and lift check valves

    ③ JB / t53174-94 quality grading of stop valve products

    ④ JB / t53165-92 product quality grading of high pressure balance stop valve

    ⑤ Marine blue bronze globe valves (GB / t587-93)

    ⑥ GB / t590-93 marine blue iron globe valves

    ⑦ Gb8464-87 general technical conditions for gate, globe and check valves with internal thread connection

    ⑧ Gb8465.2-87 gate valves, globe valves, ball valves and iron globe valves with basic dimensions with internal thread connection

    Main performance of stop valve

    ① Compared with, the regulating performance is better, but because the valve rod does not rise and fall from the handwheel, it is difficult to identify the regulating amount;

    ② The flow resistance is larger than that of gate valve, ball valve and;

    ③ Less sealing surface than gate valve;

    ④ The sealing performance is generally worse than that of the gate valve. For the medium containing mechanical impurities, the sealing surface will be vulnerable when the valve is closed;

    ⑤ The price is cheaper than the gate valve;

    ⑥ Suitable for steam medium; It is not suitable for medium with high viscosity, particles, easy coking and easy precipitation; Plug valve gate valve

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